Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 8.40

The Intruders is a 2015 Canadian horror film directed by Adam Massey and written by Jason Juravic.


20-years-old Rose Halshford moves to Chicago with her father Jerry after her schizophrenic mother Sophia has committed suicide some months earlier. Jerry, who is working as an architect, want to help his daughter to cope with the loss. But Rose, who has suspended her studies in Stanford University for one semester, does not feel comfortable in the hundred years old house from the beginning. Talking to the same age Leila Markby in front of the neighbour's house she feels confirmed concerning the scary appearance of her new home. Leila's father shows a strange behaviour. After an uncomfortable night Rose is surprised by the young craftsman Noah Henry whom Jerry has charged with renovation work. She befriends Noah and at the same time she tries to find out something about the secret of the house.

Rose always hears scary noises. She finds a necklace, the head of a doll and clue pointing to a Rachel, who has lived in the house. Noah tells her that some days before their moving in he saw the windows in Rose's room locked with boards and a padlock on the door. Jerry is sceptical about his daughter's fears and thinks that she is fancying due to her mother's death.

Nevertheless, Rose continues her search and finds reports about the former inhabitants of the house. Cheri Garrison and her son Marcus accommodated the drug addict Rachel Winacott, who then disappeared. Howard was the prime suspect in this case, but he was acquitted because Rachel was said to have run away. He also explains this to Rose. Noah invites Rose to a pool party to distract her from her sorrows. On the same evening Leila disappears.

Rose gets a copy of the construction plans of the house from the archive. When she wants to look at the plans, she faints and is suspected of having abused some pills. After her recovery she gets a message from Noah which lets her think about a hidden room. She finds such a room and is attacked by Marcus Garrison. He forces her to put on Rachel's dress and tries to rape her. But Rose is able to get away and on her escape she finds the trussed Leila. Jerry comes home from work and trying to help his daughter he is knocked down by Marcus, but at the same time Rose stabs Marcus with a knife.

After the horror has come to an end, Rose again moves to a new house with a father and continues her studies at Northwestern University. But she cannot forget Marcus.