Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 8.40

Summer is here, and you all need to unpack the bag in which you stuffed your bikini. However, the question is whether your body is ready for it or not. Attaining stunning beach body is not that easy, and now, it's too late to hit the gym but no worries person, makeup can do the trick. Gorgeous makeup artist, Chloe Morello will walk you down the steps of using makeup to get the beach body you have always wanted. She utilises the technique of contouring and highlighting for getting the body she wants. Who needs a gym when you can do that in only two hours, right? Check this out, people. You will absolutely love the amazing body transformation. This is Chloe Morello, and she will tell you how you should do it. amazing body transformation She gets two makeup artists on board to help her out with the task. Pinterest The one on the left is Sharon Farrell and on the right is Karima McKimmie. Chloe stresses on how important it is for you to have the service of two makeup artists on hand Now what you need is $5,000 worth of makeup. Easy peasy! Assure that both the makeup artist work as a team so that everything looks in proportion and in place. Girl Tried To Get A Gorgeous Beach Body Don't forget about the desirable abs. Never forget about the abs. Girl Tried To Get A Gorgeous Beach Body Congratulations! You finally have the beach body. Girl Tried To Get A Gorgeous Beach Body The amazing body transformation is bizarre, isn't it?