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Kelsey Wells wanted to have her pre-baby body back at any cost. So, she included the Bikini Body Guide workout in her daily schedule. Her weight was 145 lb and she wanted to reduce it to 122 lb. Kelsey was also facing postnatal anxiety due to which she started and stopped exercising for a while. Later she motivated herself to achieve her target weight but something unexpected happened. Read further to know the inspiring story of Kelsey Wells. Kelsey succeeded in achieving her target weight but her body didn't appear how she expected it to be. That's when she realized that the numbers on scale can't define her. So, she decided to live her life to the fullest without giving a damn to the scale. Her photos are going viral on internet because they define the true story of weight loss. Kelsey wanted to give this message to her friends and followers that a healthy body has nothing to do with the scale. Kelsey captioned her pictures as 'SCREW THE SCALE.' She wrote, "I figured it was time for a friendly, yet firm reminder." This hot mom requested others to stop worrying about the target weight goals. Kelsey wrote, "PLEASE STOP GETTING HUNG UP ON THE NUMBER ON THE STUPID SCALE! PLEASE STOP THINKING YOUR WEIGHT EQUALS YOUR PROGRESS AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE STOP LETTING YOUR WEIGHT HAVE ANY AFFECT WHATSOEVER ON YOUR SELF ESTEEM, like I used to." Kelsey weighed 130 lb before her pregnancy and so she set her weight goal as 122 lb. She wrote, "To any of you who are where I once was, please listen to me. I am 5'7" and weight 140 lbs. When I first started #bbg I was 8 weeks postpartum and 145 lbs. I weighed 130 before getting pregnant. So, based on nothing besides my own warped perception, I decided my 'goal weight' should be 122 and to fit into my skinniest jeans…" Even after achieving her target weight, Kelsey was not satisfied with the result. She continued, "Well after a few months of BBG and breastfeeding, I HIT IT and I fit into those size 0 jeans. Well guess what? I HAVE GAINED 18 POUNDS SINCE THEN. EIGHT FREAKING TEEN. Also, I have gone up two pant sizes and as a matter of fact I ripped those skinny jeans wide open just the other week trying to pull them up over my knees." Kelsey started My Sweat Life to share her fitness story with the women. She wants to motivate others to change their perception about health and fitness. Kelsey believes that instead of checking progress by numbers on scale, one should pay attention to body composition. She mentioned in her post, "Record how many push-ups you can do. And if you can, your BFP – there is only a 5 lb difference between my starting and current weight, but my body composition has changed COMPLETELY…" Kelsey has got more muscles and less body fat now. She explained, "I have never been healthier than I am now. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now. And if I didn't say #screwthescale long ago, I would have gave up on my journey. So, the little teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that still said "wtf is this – not 140!?" last week when I stepped on the scale, I say SCREW. YOU. And I think you should probably say the same to your scale too." The crux of the story is to measure your progress by other factors such as strength, ability, endurance, health and happiness. So, keep taking your progress photos and videos every day. Healthy lifestyle matters more than weight loss. Share this motivating story with your near and dear ones.